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Industrial automation

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Industrial automation

Manufacturing of Electrical Cabinets

We are leaders in creating personalized and efficient solutions for your electrical control and distribution needs.

We work closely with you to understand your specific requirements and design bespoke solutions that perfectly fit your application.

AR3 Mecatrónica
AR3 Mecatrónica

Industrial automation

Electrical installations

Welcome to our service of excellence in industrial electrical and machinery installations! We are proud to offer cutting-edge electrical solutions for machinery manufacturers, companies and individuals.

Our team of highly trained experts is dedicated to providing reliable and efficient electrical installations that will boost the performance of your machinery and optimize your industrial operations.

Whether you need a ground-up installation, retrofit or comprehensive maintenance, we are here to meet your unique requirements.

Industrial automation

PLC/HMI programming

Optimize your industrial processes with our PLC and HMI programming services! We are your trusted partner to take your control systems to the next level.

From PLC programming for process automation to creating intuitive user interfaces on HMIs, we provide you with reliable solutions that will boost your productivity and efficiency.

AR3 Mecatrónica
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